Photo of a raging physician

Today is my eight-year “anniversary” of my Retinitis Pigmentosa diagnosis.

“I am discussing confidential patient files in there and it is NOT okay for you to barge in. You don’t come through a door you didn’t come through!”

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From BBC Ouch: Training to use a guide dog isn’t always a walk in the park.

This is a great podcast discussing the pros and cons to owning a guide dog. It is a HUGE decision that should be made after much research and making sure a guide dog is a good fit for both you, your family/loved ones and the animal.

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Pfizer: U.S. Expect Covid-19 Vaccine in June or July 2021

This December 8, 2020 Washinton Post article states Trump administration officials deny there will be availability issues, but others say problems are possible in the second quarter. “Pfizer, partnering with BioNTech, and Moderna have created promising vaccines that scientists hope will lead to more medical breakthroughs using mRNA. (Joshua Carroll, Brian Monroe/The Washington Post)”

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Chris Lona of CL Design and Shellianne Redding of Low Vision Support Group

Blind Collaboration

Inclusive Web Accessibility (IWA) by CL Design eliminates these barriers (and more) for people and empowers organizations by tying ROI to aligning with multiple web accessibility regulations. IWA’s empowerment extends to anyone with visual, hearing, cognitive, visual, sensory-motor, dexterity, and/or physical impairments.

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Have you seen

If not, just take 30 seconds to change your view of how accessible and straightforward a website can be for…

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Clip art image of screen reader workflow

Interactive Web Accessibility: The New and Improved Mousetrap?

Assistive technology (AT) already plays a significant role in my life. in I am extremely blessed to have my screen magnifier/reader. Without it, I would probably never touch a computer again. However, my relationship with screen readers is a love-hate relationship.

The screen reader’s voice sounds like a monotone robotic voice lacking inflection, emotion, pitch, or variations in the tone and rhythmical flow/pattern of the human voice.

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decorative photo of keyboard

What I Learned from the 8-18-20 #AXSChat

This post is a long response to an #axschat that takes place weekly on twitter. In the weekly sessions, various…

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How Technology Can Empower YOU to CRUSH Barriers To Web Accessibility.

60 seconds that will change your perspective.

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Photo of woman with blonde hair and orange blouse sitting in front of screen magnifier

Abandonment of Assistive Technology?

people with disabilities such as cognitive, physial, visual, auditory, motor and sensory impairments use the assistive devices they have. The takeaway for me after reading this was that if a technology is not user-friendly, tons of money goes to waste.

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Photo simulation of eyesight by Molly Watt. Photo

Living in a tunnel with Usher Syndrome by MollyWatt

MollyWatt is a #Deafblind lady who lives in the UK and this is one of the BEST simulations of what it is like to see life through a tunnel. Tunnel vision is also one of the hallmarks of Retinitis Pigmentosa (like I have). BUT, Usher syndrome also causes deafness, making life even more chellenging.

Molly Watt is one of the first people I found after I was diagnosed with RP. She probably doesn’t have any idea how much her videos, blog, social media posts, etc. have helped to educate me as well as COPE with my new diagnosis.
#blind #lowvision #ushersyndrome #advocacy #inclusion #accessibility #sensoryimpairment #blogging #disability

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