Have you seen EmpowerPeopleOnline.com?


If not, just take 30 seconds to change your view of how accessible and straightforward a website can be for anyone who faces any impairment: cognitive, motor-sensory, neurological, diminished manual dexterity, visual, auditory, physical etc.

Infographic of 6 barriers to accessibility.
Infographic of 6 barriers to accessibility.

It made me re-think what #accessible SHOULD feel like for the user. I enjoyed the ease at which I was able to navigate—great interaction design. I really like the simple instructions, keyboard navigation and the audio support. The single key touch model you have implemented is brilliant, especially for those who may also have motor difficulties. I really need to learn more about this type of interface. I cannot help but see the potential for the creation of accessible applications for organizations as a whole, based on the CL Design interaction model. Keep up the great work Chris!