UCLA Jules Stein: ERG (day two) and CT

stock photo of woman lying on a gurney having an ERG test to diagnose retinitis pigmentosa.

On our way to UCLA again. The Hubs is taking me and Shawn. I’m doing another visual field and finishing the ERG today and Shawn’s surgeon wants to do a post-op check.

I don’t know how I’m going to hold  it together for any of this. I feel nearly catatonic at this point.

I woke from my catatonic state a little so I wouldn’t be such a downer for Jim and McGee. They are both trying so hard to stay positive. McGee, on top of her own surgery  recovery and The Hubs trying to balance the increased demands of his promotion with taking care of me and keeping this house running.

Photo of a Woman getting a visual field test performed.

I had my umpteenth visual field test.

At least it is not as grueling as the ERG. McGee’s doctor scheduled her to return 12/20 and once again, I won’t be there for my daughter as I will be in the hospital after my left shoulder replacement.

Day 2 of the ERG was not as grueling; there was no light adaptation required so that helped. Sara, the tech, is awesome and makes it much less scary. I was able to listen to my audio book so that helped tremendously to make the time go by faster. We drove home in the LA traffic and I dosed the whole way. We picked up an order from Islands but I was too tired to care about eating and went straight to bed.

I have a follow up on 12/17 to find out if I have RP. Two days after that, I will have my left shoulder replacement.


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TENAYSHUS (Tenacious Blind Girl) is a retired Registered Nurse who needed support following her diagnosis of Retinitis Pigmentosa, one of many conditions that cause low vision. When she could not find a support group, she learned web design to build LowVisionSupportGroup.com to help others impacted with Low Vision. The site was created using accessibility-ready web authoring tools.

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