PFIZER Vaccine Has FULL FDA Approval! It’s now up to US: Will humanity eradicate COVID, or will COVID eradicate humanity?

Infographic timeline chart showing the history of pandemics.


I hope this is received with the spirit in which it is intended. It is a plea to consider a new perspective: let’s learn from history if we cannot trust the science and/or government.  

In the interest of transparency, I am fully vaccinated retired RN, and unapologetically “pro-vaccine” for the vaccine-eligible population(s). I admit that I DO want more people vaccinated against COVID-19 because history shows vaccines can eradicate.  

I must stress that this is NOT “vaccine-shaming.” It is no surprise that the American people have lost faith in much of the information out there. You will get no argument from me that this pandemic could have been handled better. It killed too many people along with our collective belief in previously-respected institutions.    

The Delta variant has robbed us of our choice to vaccinate or not vaccinate*. Now, our choice is: will humanity eradicate COVID, or will COVID eradicate humanity?

If you don’t trust science, or the messenger(s), then trust history. History has demonstrated that vaccination can lead to eradication. One example is how many living people do you know with smallpox?

Let us NOT be known as the generation that ignored history only to repeat it. 

This is an article from Julia Tortorice  RNMBAMSNNEA-BCCPHQ to backup my rationale”      

This infographic was created by YaleMedicine and is dated March 9, 2021. Obviously, things have changed significantly since March, but it sends the same message: if we ALL* vaccinate, we have a chance to eradicate.  

Disclaimers, disclosures, and caveats:

  • -* I am “pro-vaccination” and only referring to those who are vaccine-eligible.
  • – ALL vaccines have valid contraindications, and it would be reckless to take a vaccine without researching it first.
  • -No vaccine is 100% free from adverse events/side effects.
  • -Before putting ANYTHING into your body, you must weigh the benefit(s) against the risk(s).
  • -I am not trying to replace your doctor; I am merely reviewing the history of pandemics.                                                                                                                                  

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Author: Tenayshus

TENAYSHUS (Tenacious Blind Girl) is a retired Registered Nurse who needed support following her diagnosis of Retinitis Pigmentosa, one of many conditions that cause low vision. When she could not find a support group, she learned web design to build to help others impacted with Low Vision. The site was created using accessibility-ready web authoring tools.

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